These photos combine the "behind the scenes" making of the LVRA ARRL contest video with an ARES training exercise and the LVRA MCC vehicles' participation in the annual "Zombies Go Rouge" interoperability EMCOMM exercise held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. LVRA and ARES members join forces to demonstrate not only the MCC vehicles' superior communications capabilities but ARES members versatility in handling whatever challenges come their way. [be sure to scroll thru the pictures.]

The pictures below show Frank's ATV mobile setup. It is capable of receiving 434 local transmissions, up linking them to the 900 MHz FM input on the HXO High Potosi ATV Repeater, and monitoring the output on both the AM and FM 1.2 GHz outputs. In the 1997 Baker-to-Vegas foot relay race Frank and Ralph (N7TND) received local transmissions from checkpoint 20 and the finish line, and relayed them to the 900 MHz input.